There are a number of unwritten rules on the Arch Linux IRC channel, so I figured I would write them out here.

(By jasonwryan) Before reading this, please make sure you understand the written rules.

  1. Don’t use pastebin.com for pastes. You can query phrik, the channel bot, to see why.

    /msg phrik badpastebin
    Ads, Spamfilters, Captcha, Adds whitespace, Slow, Ugly, No
    comment/fork/annotate, Breaks copy/paste, Blocked for some people,
    etc. See !pastebin.com
    /msg phrik pastebin.com
    Don't use it. Use some sane pastebin like bpaste.net gist.github.com,
    sprunge.us ix.io . Also see !badpastebin

    People will have phrik yell at you if you use pastebin.com for your pastes. Don’t use it!

    Even though phrik gives you a number of options for pastebins, the favored pastebins are sprunge.us and ix.io. I have found sprunge.us to be unreliable. It has a large quantity of downtime, and the server won’t except large quantities of input.

    ix.io is about as simple as pastebins get. It doesn’t have a web interface like most pastebins. You have to use curl, and send an HTTP POST request to paste something. The server will respond with the URL for your paste.

    % \dmesg | curl -F 'f:1=<-' http://ix.io

    curl-foo is a bit difficult to remember, so ix.io provides a python script that will automate some of the work for you.

    If you install the package ix from [community], you can pipe the output of some command to ix.

    % cat /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist | ix

    ix will also accept filenames as input

    % ix ~/.emacs.d/config/ft-python.el ~/.emacs.d/config/ft-markdown.el 
  2. We don’t know how to set up Arch Linux with two graphics cards. For some reason, people keep asking that.
  3. If you have a problem, just state your problem. Someone will probably help you. Don’t say something along the lines of “I have a problem with $thing, can someone help me?” unless you immediately follow by stating your problem. Likewise, don’t ask “Does anyone have experience doing $thing,” or “Does anyone know how to use $software.” Seriously, just state your problem, someone will help you.

    /msg phrik errors
    Don't just say it doesn't work. Give the exact error. If you think that
    more information than a line or two will be useful, see !pastebin
    This isn’t an “unwritten rule,” as it’s well-documented, but it’s important enough that I include it here.
  4. (By strcpy) People often ask about problems with Windows booting for some reason. Please direct those questions to support@microsoft.com.
  5. (By GodGinrai) #archlinux supports Arch Linux, not other distros. As is the case with Manjaro.

    /msg phrik notarch
    This channel is for Arch Linux support only. Most Arch-based distros
    have fundamental differences and are served by their respective
  6. Some people are jerks. If someone is being really asinine, you can always page the channel operators by typing !ops into the channel. If the channel operators won’t do anything, or are unresponsive, you can always use /ignore to ignore messages from someone.

  7. If you are having a font issue, or some issue involving the appearance of something, please upload a screenshot. You can install the package scrot from [community], which is a nice little screenshot program. imgur, from the AUR will upload an image to Imgur.

    Using some scrot-imgur-foo, I have these little things defined in my ~/.zshrc.

    scrgur () {
        scrot -e 'imgur $f ; mv $f ~/pics/screenshots'
    scsgur () {
        scrot -s -e 'imgur $f ; mv $f ~/pics/screenshots'
  8. (By jasonwryan) Please try to resolve your issue yourself before asking about it in the channel. This seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many people don’t do this.

If you have any ideas or criticisms with regard to this document, pull requests are welcome.

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